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Good News with Greg Fritz

May 29, 2018

Are you feeling insignificant? You need to know just how important you are. Everything God created, He did so with in mind. You were not an accident! Learn how you were at the center of God’s plan for provision from the very beginning! Learn more in this podcast with Greg Fritz.

May 25, 2018

Are you feeling like prosperity has passed you by? Find out how much God has truly given you by watching the Good News with Greg Fritz. In this episode, you’ll learn that God is a God of abundance. And He created you with His provision in mind! Learn more in this podcast with Greg!

May 22, 2018

We are not “the top of the food chain.” That would mean that we are in the same class as all other animals. We were created in the very image of God! And we were created for dominion over everything else on this Earth! That’s Good News. Learn more in this podcast with Greg Fritz.

May 18, 2018

The world we know will not last forever. Knowing God as provider will reassure you that we have enough resources to last until God creates a new heaven and a new Earth. We can enjoy what we have! God wants to provide for you abundantly. Discover this and more Good News with Greg Fritz in this podcast!

May 4, 2018

There is no shortage of anything with God. He created an abundance of everything we could ever need! He created us to be a part of His family, and His love for us is abundant. Hear nothing but Good News in this podcast with Greg Fritz.